Are you thinking of migrating to Canada? The immigration process may be exhausting and tedious if you don’t have proper and professional guidance. Whatever immigration challenge you are facing, we at ACLS can help you find a suitable way to address the issue at hand.

Below are some of the essential things you should know about migrating to Canada:

1. Choosing a program

The federal and provincial governments of Canada, through the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) have created various programs with which one can apply to for consideration to immigration. Thus, each person’s path towards achieving immigration status may vary, one from another.

2. Criteria for Selection

Each program has a set of requirements for one to be eligible. A significant number of immigrants get admission depending on their ability to contribute to the economy of the country.

It is especially so because the primary objectives that drive immigration are economic growth and as a reaffirmation of the country’s commitment towards humanitarian acts.

3. The Immigration System

We have an immigration system that’s based on merit. It is a way for Canada to move away from low-skilled immigration. It also ensures that immigrants can support themselves, once they are accepted.

As a point system, immigrants get assessed and decisions made, without discrimination against nationality or ethnicity.

4. Express Entry

You can apply for Permanent residency through the Express entry program. It refers to those who would like to immigrate as skilled workers. It is a point-based system where you get ranked against other candidates depending on your language ability, work experience, level education and much more.

5. Using a Representative

An immigration or citizenship representative is someone who can help you with the application process. They can be paid or unpaid. They fill and submit your application, represent you in the immigration hearing or application, communicate on your behalf with the Government of Canada, etc.

You should choose someone who is resourceful and reliable. If you opt for a paid representative, ensure that they are authorized to provide you with the services. Find out their experience and also ask for references.

On immigration issues, the Government of Canada issues individuals and couples who are members of the LGBTQ2 community, the same opportunities and rights. Reach out to us for any assistance for your immigration challenges and let us help you find a suitable solution.