In Canada, when you have a criminal record in your name, it shows in your government records unless you apply for a pardon/record suspension and get your name cleared. A criminal record without a pardon will keep popping up every time you have to go for a background check and will reduce the number of opportunities coming your way. Read on to understand how a criminal record will limit your capabilities and right to have a good life.

Criminal Records

What are criminal records? Well, if you have ever been convicted for a criminal offense, then you will have a criminal record under your name. Unless you do something about it, the criminal record will be on your government records and will show up whenever someone queries about you. Criminal records stay on record for life unless you apply for a Record of Suspension and get them cleared. The following are areas that will be affected by a criminal record:


Almost all employers in Canada are allowed to run background checks on candidates. If a criminal record appears during the search, it severely impacts a candidate’s chances of getting the job.

Child Custody

If you apply for custody of your child(ren) and you happen to have a criminal record, your chances of getting the custody will be affected.


You need a visa to travel abroad and most countries do not give Visas to individuals with a criminal record.


Most property renting companies in Canada run background checks on prospective tenants. If you have a criminal record, you´ll be put at the bottom of the list.

Pardon/Record Suspension

The good news in all this is that you can have your criminal records removed. In Canada, after you have completed your sentence and demonstrating that you are now a law-abiding citizen, you can become eligible to have your criminal records removed.

With proper guidance and help from ACLS, you can get pardon and start living a new life with a clean slate. Second chances are possible, visit ACLS and find out how to get yours.