Immigration is a complicated process and you will often meet people whose application was rejected because of a tiny issue. If you are looking to migrate to Canada, the best way to have a sure shot Visa is to hire an immigration lawyer, consultant or firm and let them manage the whole process while you prepare to move. ACLS has a legal team that offers immigration services in Toronto, Durham, York Region, Mississauga and Brampton. This Immigration team has a substantial amount of experience in helping immigrants get Visas for various purposes and are well known for their success rate.

This is why immigration lawyers and consultants are imminent to people looking for hassle-free immigration to Canada. If you are looking to hire an immigration lawyer or consultant, but aren’t sure how to find a good one, the following are some points that will help you make a decision.

1. Credentials

It is very important that your immigration lawyer or immigration consultant has good credentials. He/she should have completed 2-4 years of an accredited law program. They should have a degree and should have completed articling, bar admission course and a bar exam. They should also have license to practice in the area they are practicing in.

2. Time Period

A Canadian immigration lawyer or immigration consultant should have at least 10 years of experience, and in an ideal case scenario, all of the 10 years should be in the immigration law. If you want to ensure that your immigration case is in the good hands, do not hire anyone with an experience of less than 5 years.

3. Past Experience

Past experience of the immigration attorney or immigration consultant is very important, because every immigration case is different, and a successful application completely depends on the skills of the lawyer or consultant and their past experience in a similar case.

The team at Accountable Clerical & Legal Services, pass on all the above-mentioned points. Our team has top of the class credentials along with an excellent track record and decades of experience in handling the most complicated of the immigration cases. If you are looking to file for a Canadian Visa, let ACLS help you.