Recreational marijuana was legalized in October of 2018, in Canada. Since then, the government has been working around the clock to ensure that all the proper laws are put in place, and a lot of effort has also been put towards defining the pardon criteria for old marijuana charges. Considering that the whole country has opened its doors to a product that was once illegal and people have either paid hefty fines for its possession or have gone to jail, the Canadian government has a lot to do before everyone is pardoned and records are cleared according to new marijuana laws.

New Marijuana Laws

New marijuana Laws strictly define the terms of usage and possession. The government has set certain limits to the amount of marijuana a person can have at any given time and where it can be sold. There are also many specific guidelines for growing marijuana at home and where it can be smoked openly in public spaces. The following are some of the changes that have been made under new marijuana Laws.

1. The legal age for marijuana has been set to 19 in the whole country and 18 in Alberta and Quebec.
2. Initially, marijuana will be sold only in government-approved cannabis retail stores.
3. Marijuana will not be allowed to be sold along with alcohol and tobacco.
4. Canadians are not allowed to travel across international borders with marijuana. They cannot travel to even the countries and US states where marijuana is legal.
5. The Canadian government has amended some of the driving laws to help accommodate situations of driving under the effect of marijuana.
6. For Canadian minors, production, sale, and distribution of marijuana will still be an offense.

Old Marijuana Charges

Old marijuana charges refer to the charges that individuals had to face in relation to marijuana when it was illegal in Canada. There are many individuals who were charged for possession and illegal use even in 2018, but now that the laws have been turned around completely, it is expected that there will be new rules to help out such people.

1. It is likely that the government will soon announce their plans to pardon individuals who have been convicted for possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana in the past.
2. Individuals looking to file for a pardon will have some respite in the form of zero fees for application and no waiting time.
3. Individuals indicted in serious cases related to marijuana like possession of huge quantity, trying to smuggle to another country, etc. will still have to face charges.

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