Due to the robust health of its economy, Canada and especially the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) needs more workers and at cheaper rates than its current population can provide. This is why the Canadian government plays an active role in promoting immigration and facilitates the arrival of people from other parts of the word to join their workforce. There are many immigration services in Toronto to help you obtain a work permit.

The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) provides Temporary Work Visas to workers who arrive in Canada with a proper job offer. Due to prior arrangements with certain countries, even Temporary Resident Visa holders can also be given to their citizenship. A Toronto immigration lawyer or consultant would understand these complexities.

But things are not as simple as stated above. There are three to four other steps and stages that you much go through before the work permit is issued by the relevant immigration authorities. For these, you may need a Toronto immigration lawyer or consultant.

Labour Market Impact Assessment

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a process which is undertaken by the ESDC when an employer applies for the work permit visa for somebody they are hiring. This assessment is to ensure that the job which is being given to a foreigner doesn’t have claimants among Canadian citizens. In other words, this assessment ensures that jobs are not being taken away from citizens of the country.

Once this hurdle is cleared, the employer can extend the offer letter to the worker and he can then proceed with his own process for seeking a work permit and also seek advice from a Toronto immigration lawyer or consultant.

The work permit can be of varying durations from weeks to years. Generally, the work permit given to a particular person is meant for the specific job that he had applied for and got selected for. For moving to a new job, he would need a separate work permit. Immigration lawyer in Toronto can help you out with these complexities.

All work permits are temporary but once obtained, can be extended. While LMIA is necessary in most cases, for some country’s citizens, due to existing agreements, LMIA is not necessary. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website along with the Canadian Embassy in your country are also places to acquire application packages. By filling out the forms enclosed, you can start this process and with the guidance of Toronto immigration lawyer or consultant, finish it successfully.