Do you sense injustice and have the feeling of being victimized by your employer? Have they terminated your contract or relieved you of your duties in an unfair way? Don’t worry, if you are based in Toronto, you have legal options that you can take recourse to and secure a satisfactory resolution through a Toronto wrongful dismissal lawyer.

There are specific laws in Ontario to help you out of this situation. Just consult a wrongful dismissal lawyer in Toronto.

Under the Canadian Law, both the employer and the employee have the right to end the term of employment. However, the reason for dismissing you should not be discriminatory in any way based on gender, race, ethnicity etc. Also, the employer is required to either provide you a notice period before your term ends or at least offer you severance pay in lieu of that period. This applies when the termination of your employment is not the result of any misconduct on your part. A wrongful dismissal lawyer in Toronto would explain this in detail.

However, if you feel you have a case to make against the employer for wrongful dismissal, then you can take legal action. However, the details of the case would determine whether you are justified or not in taking legal action, hence, the advice of a Toronto wrongful dismissal lawyer is required.

What is important to remember is that according to both the federal laws and their application in Ontario, the employer has the right to relieve a person of his duties in his organization for any reason which doesn’t qualify as discrimination. What you can get from the courts is compensation in the form of a severance package that makes up for the lost salary you would have received throughout a notice period.

In most cases of wrongful dismissal, the solution is found through a settlement negotiated between lawyers. In rare cases, the matter can be taken to the labor board or even human rights commission.

If you wish to seriously sue your employer and prove them guilty of discriminating against you, get the copy of the order terminating your employment and also keep a record of your employer’s conduct leading up to the event. A good Toronto wrongful dismissal lawyer will take over from that point.

As stated earlier, in all likelihood, an out-of-court settlement would be reached and you would be fairly compensated if you have a good wrongful dismissal lawyer from Toronto.