According to surveys, data collected in Ministry of Justice, online polls, word of mouth from judges and various other sources, a number of citizens dealing with civil cases have started to represent themselves in a court without legal aid. One reason was found to be a decision based on being able to converse directly with the judge, plead to the jury or magistrates on own accord instead of dependence on an external platform. Another reason was possibly the lack of legal funds to finance themselves.

So we at Accountable Clerical & Legal Services Inc. choose to make your life as a self-litigant simpler.

ACLS guides you through the whole process without any hiccups. Due to the dearth of legal knowledge, you can find yourself in a fix where it becomes essential that we step to assist you to achieve positive outcomes.

It is essential that as a self-litigant you are aware of the lingo and how to deal with the system. You will either spend money or precious time trying to grasp that information when you can rather make life easy and ask for an appointment with one of our experts. Thus, it benefits getting legal advice and we at ACLS are always ready to extend that.

Self-Litigant services are suitably fixed according to your budgets. If you feel the anxiety and fear taking over due to disorganization, contact our Toronto Self-Litigant experts, such that they can then help prepare and organize required documents, as well as take you through the whole proceeding, step by step.

If you are unrepresented, you might end up wrongly convicted which is why we have more than 20 years of experience combined with maximum efficiency in each of our Self-Litigant cases. Don’t be afraid to fight for innocence when ACLS is on your side.