It has been found that an alarming number of Canadians do not take their wills seriously. Which means, if something happens to them suddenly, they have not legally decided who in their family and friends will get their hard-earned money and other assets? Isn’t that scary? Read on to learn the importance of having a will and why you should consider making it before it’s too late.

Canadians and Wills

According to a 2018 survey conducted in 2012 by LawPRO, 51% of Canadians do not currently have a signed will. This percentage is really grim because it means that more than half of the entire population of the country has not decided what will happen to their hard-earned money and assets after they die. According to Canadian law if a person fails to make a will while they are still alive or mentally capable of doing so a Canadian court will make decisions on their behalf.

Importance of a Will

Death is a difficult topic to speak about, but the truth is that it will happen to all of us, sooner or later. When the time comes, it is important to have already decided the fate of our property, cash and other belongings so that they reach the right people (family and friends)

Avoid Getting your Property Divided by the Court

According to legal experts, it is a good practice to plan yours as well as your family´s future and make decisions before passing away. ACLS works with a team of expert attorneys who are skilled in handling Wills and Estate. Get in touch with us to understand your options and how the lawyers can help you manage everything without worry.