Pardon/Record Suspension is the process of removing the criminal record of an individual from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). This is done after a person has completed his/her sentence and has demonstrated that he/she is now a law-abiding citizen of the country. The application process for pardon is extremely complicated and it is advisable to get help. At ACLS we have team of highly experienced record suspension lawyers in Canada, who can help individuals clear up their name and live a fairly normal life.

Importance of Pardon/Record Suspension

A criminal record often times becomes a barrier in events like travel because most countries do not give Visa’s to individuals with a criminal record, employment in special sectors like childcare and elderly care are off limits of people with a record and denial of permanent citizenship of Canada. Most often than not, people ignore this procedure completely until the existence of their criminal record brings forth an immediate need to apply for pardon.

At ACLS we believe that Pardon/Record suspension is one issue that must be addresses on an immediate basis and should not wait for it to become a big problem. Our team at ACLS is trained to handle these cases and can help you in the application process till your name is cleared and you are declared a law abiding citizen of Canada.

Restrictions of Pardon/Record Suspension in Canada

Canadian criminal justice system is focused on balancing rehabilitation with community safety. Therefore, there are a few exceptions to the process wherein certain individuals are not pardoned despite of the best attempts from a record suspension lawyer. In case of summary convictions, suspensions can be obtained only after 5 years and in case of indictable convictions this time limit is extended to 10 years. Also, individuals who have been convicted of sexual offenses against children are not eligible for record suspension and the same applies to people with more than three indictable offences.