A pardon in Canada means that the government has cleared your name of all your past records and nobody have to know about that while you foray into your future. Pardon in Canada is now known as Record Suspension.

Sometimes, due to certain reasons, you might end up without a pardon and you will have to live with that record. So, what are your rights in Canada if you don’t have a pardon? Does that mean you will never be able to turnaround your life? No, there are ways to go about with your plans even without a pardon, but of course, there will be a number of limitations.

Right to Employment

Every qualified person in Canada has a right to work and make his living but a record can seriously impact their growth prospects. If you have a record and you have failed to get a pardon for it, you can still apply for a job, but it is totally up to the employer to consider you for the position. All the employers in the country are legally allowed to ask about a candidate’s criminal history and make a decision based on that. So, while you have the right to apply to jobs, whether you get them or not completely depends on how you handle the situation.

Right to Education

You have a right to education in the country with a criminal record but it greatly affects your chances of getting into your preferred college or university. While you have a right to apply to the institution of your choice, most institutions reserve the right to give admissions and have a strict background check policy. You can work this situation in your favor by applying for a pardon and submitting proofs to the institution so that they consider your case.

Canadian government gives all the rights to individuals who do not have a pardon but the social stigma attached to a criminal record and general perception of society, never lets a person survive without a pardon. Therefore, in order to have a quality of life and have access to all the opportunities in life, it is important to get a pardon. ACLS can help you with your pardon request if you are eligible. We have many years of experience and required subject matter expertise in getting record suspensions for our clients.