Canada legalized pot in October of 2018. Though the country has had medical cannabis available since 2001, now the residents of the country can buy it in their local stores and can also grow it legally up to a certain amount.

This was not always the case in the country. In the past, thousands have been penalized/imprisoned for possession. But now that the whole matter has been legalized, the biggest question is how to file for a pardon and what rights do past culprits have.

The Canadian Government is slowly making new reforms and it might take some time before the new rules come into effect. For now, it is clear that the past culprits will be pardoned, but there are definitely going to rule as to the quantity of possession, intention and other factors that will decide whether or not a case is pardonable. All these can be understood with the help of a pardon lawyer in Toronto, Durham, York Region, Mississauga and Brampton.

No Fee and No Waiting Time

In October itself, a national daily had reported that individuals with a record in pot possession will be able to apply for a pardon and there will be no fee or waiting period for them. In the past, the fee was $631, and the process also had a waiting time of between 3-10 years after their sentence got over. It is important to note that the plan is to pardon small offenses. Legalization of Marijuana in Canada in no way means all the serious convictions like robbery, smuggling, etc will be considered for a pardon.

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